All Rise – FanDom’s Sport Court is Now in Session

We tap into the passion of fans by providing a social media platform for the world’s most enthusiastic sports audiences.

Our unique approach blends user generated content along with the FanDom Sports brand tone, curated through professional athlete and celebrity contributed material both online and at live sporting events.

The FanDom Sports App is a mobile application that will revolutionize how sports fans connect. Fans can interact, debate and argue on selected sports topics in a structured way, as well as test their all-around sports knowledge, and be rewarded for their participation.

All fans will have access to a host of professional athletes through engaging and customized content within the App.

FanDom Sports primary focus is “share of time, followed by share of wallet.”  Engagement is the new currency, and mobile presents an unparalleled opportunity to gain key insights into consumer preferences and viewing habits, something traditional media has yet to achieve.

fight with your thumbs, not your fists !!