FanDom Sports Media is an aggregator, curator, and producer of unique fan-focused content. We’re like that fun guy or girl at the sports bar or Super Bowl party that everyone wants to hang out with.  Fun. Friendly. Smart. Entertaining.

Our companion mobile platform, the FanDom Sports App, brings together interactive debate features and “off the field” content that all sports fans – from hard core sports fanatics, part-time gamers, and sports lifestyle enthusiasts-- will love and engage with on a daily basis.

The FanDom Sports App is a mobile application that will revolutionize how sports fans connect. The App will allow fans to interact, debate and argue on selected sports topics in a structured way, as well as test their knowledge of sports trivia – all the while being rewarded for their participation. Fans will also have access to a host of professional athletes, through “off the field” branded and custom content on the App as well as in person at our sponsored events.

The Sports Industry is a multibillion-dollar business and FanDom Sports has devised a way to monetize the final frontier.

"Sports is war, minus the shooting." George Orwell, 1945