FanDom Sports Media has a management team with all the requisite skills to make FanDom a major player in the sports entertainment industry. The board of directors has a mix of strengths and experience in both the public markets and the tech sector. The board is well decorated with awards earned through work on past apps and games.

The Company has identified multiple revenue streams, from the selling of ad space, sponsorships (both local & national) and in-app purchases within the FanDom Sports App. The app was also built as a widget, which will enable sports teams to implement FanDom’s "white label" back end Argument Engine™ on their own team apps to promote more engagement, i.e. increased “stickiness” with their fans.

FanDom Sports Media  |  US: OTCQB - FDMSF  |  Canada: CSE - FDM  |  Frankfurt: TQ42

Shares Outstanding – 92,962,370


Our revenue model is based on delivering quality content that is relevant to advertiser’s target audiences while engaging all levels of sports “fandom.” The FanDom Sports App is designed to support multiple revenue streams:

  • Traditional advertising units (pre-roll, post-roll, banners, buttons)

  • Sponsorship (local & national), including events that bring FanDom users together in the real world

  • Custom branded content, in particular under FanDom Life section where we will match advertisers/brands with athletes, celebs and/or fans to create compelling original sports-themed content

  • In-app purchases that allow users to gain status in the “Sport Court” for exclusive posting privileges/content, prizes, and invitations to sponsored events

Bloggers, pundits, athletes and tastemakers can all get involved as a content (argument) contributor for the FanDom Sports App. As an argument contributor, you will share in sponsorship and ad revenue based on traffic and user activity.


  • A unique sports-related debate resolution platform targeting all kinds of sports fans.

  • Explosive growth in sector anticipated.

  • Strong management team with many years combined experience.

  • Technical team accredited with many successes within the app and game industries.

  • Excellent access to capital internationally.

Share Structure

(as of July 31, 2017)

Shares issued and outstanding

Common: 92,962,370

Options: 6,212,500

Warrants: 40,636,213

Fully Diluted: 139,811,083