FanDom Sports Media has a management team with all the requisite skills to make the Company a major player in the sports entertainment industry. The Board of Directors has a mix of strengths and experience in both the public markets and the tech sector. The Board is well decorated with multiple awards earned through the successful launch of numerous apps and games.

Through the use of FanDom Sports Media's proprietary 'argument engine', available only through the mobile app, FDM is the first sports-centric social media platform able to measure and score opinionated dialogue, as well as establish consensus. The winner of these 'FanFight' arguments is providing valuable (monetizable) meta data which is rewarded by the earning, winning and wagering of 'FanCoins' due to their user behaviour. This digital footprint will be supported by a Blockchain enabled app economy in partnership with an industry leading 'Hyperledger' technology provider.


FanDom Sports Media’s monetization model has multiple potential revenue streams. These are all driven through the use of the mobile app, with many leading back to some form or method of advertising / sponsorship. Although, the true pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the capturing of data (not personal information) generated by the user behaviour based on the results from FanFights and accumulation of FanCoins. What FanFights are users participating in, for what sport, with what result and how often? That information has great monetary value.


  • A unique sports-related debate resolution platform targeting all kinds of sports fans.

  • Explosive growth in the sector anticipated.

  • Strong management team with many years of diverse experience.

  • Technical team accredited with many successes within the app and gaming industries.

  • Excellent access to international capital markets.


Share Structure

(as of January 18, 2018)

Shares issued and outstanding

Common: 124,385,834

Fully Diluted: 197,848,011


FanDom Sports Media is a publicly traded company.
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